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Vernessa Thomas, the mother of Eric Thomas, has written her first book. In “The Secret Behind The Secret To Success”, Mrs. Thomas takes readers on a journey that will allow them to see things from her lense. It took her years to read her sons first book “The Secrets To Success” and after reading it she knew one day she would need to respond. That day has come and she’s now telling her side of the story.


Mama T, as many people affectionately call her, offers pearls of wisdom for other mothers and women who may be facing trials of their own. Readers will appreciate Mama T’s “keeping it real” persona as she discusses what really happened with her sons father and how she played a part in keeping a secret that would change the trajectory of her family forever.

The Secret Behind The Secret To Success: The Promise Delayed Not Denied

  • Books are shipped within 5-7 business days.

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